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Our Academics

WCA provides a quality education in a safe, nurturing Christian environment. Our small class sizes enable us to adapt to the needs of each student. Students are organized in module groups enabling increased flexibility for both advanced students and those who need additional support.

Students are exposed to a variety of literary genres through classic novel studies, trade books, decodable and leveled readers.


Purposeful Design Science textbook series provides a hands-on approach to science education that develops critical thinking skills. Students learn the processes and language of science integrated with a biblical worldview.


Basic composition and grammar skills are developed in outlining, summarizing, describing, researching, and creative writing.

History & Geography

History and Geography are presented from a Christian perspective as part of a well-rounded program designed to give students a better understanding and a working knowledge of the history and geography of the world.


"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe." - Galileo Students grow in confidence as they master problem-solving skills and real-life applications through manipulative use and modeling.

Physical Education

Students enjoy P.E. classes that integrate skills, proper techniques, rules of the game, and preparation.

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