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Back to school: COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Keeping your child safe and healthy while learning is our top priority!

We are excited to be back to school with our student body! Keeping us all safe and healthy requires a few extra steps and we've partnered with the Yakima Health District to ensure that we are taking all the right precautions and safety measures to ensure that our students, and staff stay healthy.

Read on for a summary of the procedures we've implemented. These procedures will be carried out indefinitely.

COVID-19 Stay-Healthy Procedures

Weekly health questionnaires must be submitted before arrival on Monday morning. If your child is showing any symptoms or has been around others who have been ill, please keep them home. Keeping everyone healthy while learning is our top priority!

Upon arrival each morning, your student's temperature will be checked, followed by hand-washing stations. Masks are optional, but encouraged, for Pre-K and Kindergartners. 1st-12th grade students are required to wear masks/shields all times. Students may remove their masks only for eating/drinking and while sitting alone at their desks. Desks have been distanced from one another and classes further reduced in accordance with the Health District guidelines. Morning salutes will now be conducted in each classroom instead of all together in the cafeteria as we've done in the past. To further improve social distancing, only one module (class) will be in a hallway at a given time. We've also staggered pickup times to reduce congestion and improve social distancing.

We're incredibly grateful to the volunteers who help us take temperatures and manage the hand washing stations. We're all in this together and your participation and cooperation in the added procedures helps keep us all safe and healthy!

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